I have created a poll widget for BlogEngine.NET. You can add polls to your blog by using this widget. The widget is fully XHTML/CSS and AJAX enabled. The widget has XML and database provider options. Package includes database scripts (VistaDB, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite).

The widget has two section. Poll Form and Results Form. Switching between them by javascript. You can add, edit and delete polls on widget's edit panel. Additionally there is an archive page for all polls in one page.

The installation is easy. Just extract the package and some copy & paste actions. Setup instructions are in readme.txt in package.

BE 2.0: BlogEngine.NET 2.0 Poll Widget (Updated for BE 2.0 by Werner. Great thanks)

BE 1.5: PollWidget.zip (16,94 kb) (Updated on December 11, 2008)

Download Spanish version from: http://www.gunner.es/blog (thanks Gunner for this)